I made a zine. It’s called NXOEED because I ran out of names to call shit like this. It’s a book of highlights from the past year. I couldn’t fit as many of them in there as I wanted to because we only had 32 pages to work with, but we got enough in. There are a few journal entries, like the day that guy at the Grand Canal underpass pointed a gun at my head and told me he was gonna kill me (I lived). There are posters I illustrated of events I promoted. There are band logos that I made for friends and friends of friends. There’s a section of free art and hand-drawn letters for people who want to make their own NXOEED posters but don’t want to pay me to do them.

It was fun to put together, and I’m kind of proud of it. I’m also worried that you’re gonna think it sucks. If you do, please lie to me and tell me you liked it. Tell me it was worth the four bucks it costs. You can get your copy right now from Fluke Publishing.

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