NXOEED Midnight Art Show, featuring the NXOEED SUPERSOLDIERS and starring THE KILL-PEOPLER.

There’ll be eight pieces hanging on a random outdoor wall. Your mission: find them. These are The Supersoldiers — eight genetically-engineered heroes for hire. They are formidable creatures. Beware.

Follow @nxoeed on Instagram and watch my stories for clues. Locate the mystery wall. Take pictures if you want. Grab some of the Halloween candy sitting nearby if you aren’t too disturbed by the fact that it’s been sitting there all night. Take a good look at each supersoldier. Grab the one you like best and take it home with you. Leave the rest for others. The show ends when all the pieces are gone.

Halloween night in Central PHX. Start looking around 11:47 PM.

Here’s the Facebook event page.


There is news, but I haven’t been posting it because logging into this site and updating it is more complicated than it needs to be. Someday this will change, but that day is not today. I’m gonna throw a few things in here, just in case I happen to go another five months without posting.

1: There’s a book coming. I know I said there were two. One of them still is. The other one’s on hold because I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul. So that one’s on hold until 2021. The poster book will be coming sooner, though no particular date has been set. Expect it this winter.

NXOEED Poster Morgue, a collection of posters from 2014 to 2020, was supposed to be coming out right around now. I wanted to have each poster accompany its own chapter about the event that it promoted. The problem is that I drew over 100 posters between 2014 and this year, which would mean well over 100 chapters. I was getting tired of coming up with things to say about shows I don’t remember promoting, so I decided to ditch the chapters and make the whole thing posters, which I guess means that it’s technically finished. I just have to rewrite the introduction and we’re good to go. Fluke Publishing will be printing and distributing it, because putting it out with somebody who’s not Matthew would be insane.


I’ve been hiding more art than usual lately, probably because there aren’t any shows to promote, and it’s what I’ve been doing anyway for the past 20 years. I’m hiding another one next Friday in Tempe, so keep an eye out for it. It’s a vampire.

Not that I don’t appreciate the effort, but entertainment during the pandemic has kind of sucked. All my favorite podcasts have been ruined by Zoom and Skype. I don’t like being able to tell that people aren’t in the same room together, and I hate how they can’t talk over each other without sounding like they’re being waterboarded. I also haven’t really been able to get into live-streamed events. I’m glad you can, but I can’t. I miss doing physical shows, so I’m going to do one.

Before you take to Facebook or Twitter and hammer off a paragraph about how I’m putting lives at risk, understand that, while it is a physical show, it won’t require any human contact. If you happen to see another person there, feel free to run screaming in the opposite direction. It’ll be similar to some of the solo shows I did in the 2000s and 2010s. There’ll be a wall somewhere in Central Phoenix with eight pieces hanging on it. You’ll be tasked with finding it. It’ll be an outdoor space. I already know where I’m going to do it. I’ve done it there before. I used to put a bowl of hummus and a tray of crackers out on a table next to it, but maybe I should skip that part. Eat something on the way if you’re hungry. I’ll post clues on my Instagram stories the night of the event. Once you find the spot, take a minute to look at the pieces, take pictures, tag the location if you want, grab the one you like the best, and leave the rest for others. One painting per person, please. If you arrive at the wall and there’s nothing left, I guess that means the show’s over. You can wear a mask and spray the art with disinfectant if it makes you feel safer. I’ll be long gone, trust me. I’ve been social distancing my entire life.

The name of the show is NXOEED SUPERSOLDIERS, because I’ve designed a line of formidable heroes-for-hire. I was inspired by watching Bloodsport 80 times over the past five months. You’ll learn more about who they are and what they do in the weeks to come.

3: MISC.

Fluke 18 is out now. It’s a good one. I did a little thing in the back. It just got a really good review in the new Thrasher. Matthew’s been killing it lately.

Also I’m doing a physical show in an actual gallery in January with my friend JB. It’s a two-person show. More on that later.

We’ll be restocking the store soon. There are new items coming.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I’ll remember it the second I hit the Publish button.


I made a zine. It’s called NXOEED because I ran out of names to call shit like this. It’s a book of highlights from the past year. I couldn’t fit as many of them in there as I wanted to because we only had 32 pages to work with, but we got enough in. There are a few journal entries, like the day that guy at the Grand Canal underpass pointed a gun at my head and told me he was gonna kill me (I lived). There are posters I illustrated of events I promoted. There are band logos that I made for friends and friends of friends. There’s a section of free art and hand-drawn letters for people who want to make their own NXOEED posters but don’t want to pay me to do them.

It was fun to put together, and I’m kind of proud of it. I’m also worried that you’re gonna think it sucks. If you do, please lie to me and tell me you liked it. Tell me it was worth the four bucks it costs. You can get your copy right now from Fluke Publishing.