I threw a new site together just to publish this post. NXOEED and are now two separate pages. The latter exists because Facebook and Instagram have some kind of problem with the former. I don’t know why exactly, but I think it has something to do with Tumblr. I had my site redirecting to a Tumblr blog from 2009 to earlier this year, and the second I made the switch, Facebook accused me of being spam. But it doesn’t matter. That’s not what I came here to post.

If my site had an FAQ section, the third or fourth question would read, “I attended [show]” or “played in [show] and I know that you did the poster. Can I get a copy?”

The answer is always yes, if I have any left. The problem is that I never do. Once the show’s over, I throw those fuckers away or cut them up and use them as scraps in other projects. I don’t actually like the past very much. I’m glad I was a part of those events, but they weren’t historic. Dwelling on them is unnecessary. My history is only interesting to me and the people who give a shit about me. Once we’re all gone, none of it will matter. It doesn’t even really matter right now. If it happened, there’s a record of it somewhere. I’d rather leave that shit to the archivists.

So here’s where I turn into kind of a hypocrite. I’ve spent the past couple years going back and xeroxing copies of old posters, mostly for a pair of retrospectives in 2018 and 2019, but also because people like it when I cut them up and glue them to things.

PROPAGATOR is a zine if you want it to be. But mostly, it’s a collection of posters. It’s full size, 8.5″ x 11″. It has a cover, but it isn’t bound. There are about 30 posters inside. Each poster is single-sided and signed in pencil. If there’s a poster you’re looking for, buy a copy. It’ll probably be in there. You can pull it apart and hang them all up, or keep it in the cover and stick it on your zine shelf. Issues are five bucks each. If you’re saying to yourself, “Five bucks for xerox copies? What the fuck, dude?”, I hear you. I was hanging out with a friend yesterday and looking at what may have been the shittiest-looking zine I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t particularly well-made. It was about a year old, the pages were dog-eared and there appeared to be a shoe print on the cover. I turned it over, saw the 17 dollar price tag and thought, “What an asshole”.

I don’t want to be that guy. I hope I’m not coming off that way, but just in case I am, let’s do the numbers really quick:

If I’m printing them up on my favorite copy machine, I’m paying seven cents a copy, which for 30 copies comes out to $2.10. Add 25 cents for the 11″ x 17″ cover, and that comes out to $2.35, which gives me a profit of $2.65. Not bad. But let’s be honest, I’m a lazy piece of shit. My favorite copy shop is seven miles away, and I’m on a bicycle. What I’m probably gonna do is run to Fedex, because it’s open 24 hours and about two miles from my house. This means I’ll be printing at 14 cents a copy. $4.20. Add 29 cents for the cover, and that comes out to $4.49, which means I’m basically breaking even. I’m almost always gonna do it that way, because all of my best Xeroxing happens at 2:00 am.

The first issue focuses on posters I made in 2018 and 2019. I’m probably not gonna do them in any particular order, mostly because people still write me everyday asking if I have any copies of that Art Bell poster, which I drew in 2015. I’ll probably devote the next issue to 2015, but who knows. Maybe I won’t do them in years. I’ve done enough Tempe Art-a-Gogh Gogh posters to take up an entire issue of their own. Maybe I’ll do it that way.

I wanted to make these available for the poster show coming up in a few days at The Lost Leaf, so I’ve already got some issues printed. But this is a print on demand thing, for the most part. Let me know if you want one.