NXOEED Midnight Art Show, featuring the NXOEED SUPERSOLDIERS and starring THE KILL-PEOPLER.

There’ll be eight pieces hanging on a random outdoor wall. Your mission: find them. These are The Supersoldiers — eight genetically-engineered heroes for hire. They are formidable creatures. Beware.

Follow @nxoeed on Instagram and watch my stories for clues. Locate the mystery wall. Take pictures if you want. Grab some of the Halloween candy sitting nearby if you aren’t too disturbed by the fact that it’s been sitting there all night. Take a good look at each supersoldier. Grab the one you like best and take it home with you. Leave the rest for others. The show ends when all the pieces are gone.

Halloween night in Central PHX. Start looking around 11:47 PM.

Here’s the Facebook event page.

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